Welcome to Owner Services, we are here to assist you with all of your Timeshare Needs and to answer any question's you may have.

A few reminders of how your ownership works. Your interval dates are fixed dates, not fixed days. What this means is that your dates will never change, however, the day of the week will change every year.

The next is that only you the owner(s) can authorize the use of your timeshare week. Our web site provides you with a list of all your usage options , as well as links to complete the required forms.

Maui Lea is not on a confirmation system, since you have a deed for your unit and interval, you are registered as the owner for the unit and time period you own each year.

Maintenance fees must always be kept current in order to utilize your timeshare. The billings are not done on property, should you need assistance you will need to contact the billing office directly. Please refer to contact information provided on our website.